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Bombo is Italian for Bumble Bee.

Like us, the bumble bee is a generalist forager - and it's in Italian as a nod to our heritage.

Established in 2019 at boutique shopping centre, The Tannery, on Christchurch's east side, we offer an evolving range of classic, stylish products for everyday life.


We are maximalists.

We layer texture, colour, pattern; stack books, cram shelves, cover every surface in beautiful objets. We love STUFF. What we don't love is waste: trendy items that don't age, inferior quality goods that don't last, synthetic materials that don't break down. We get frustrated by style fads, built-in obsolescence, and the idea that everything has to be "new".

From this desire for everything to be beautiful AND sustainable, Bombo was conceived. We believe you can have more - responsibly. We focus on reconditioned, repurposed, and reconstructed vintage goods where practicable, and natural, sustainable, renewable, recyclable and reclaimed materials for the rest


Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be beautiful or believe to be useful

With the late great William Morris's famous quote at heart, we have sourced a collection of practical and beautiful everyday classics which will not date, instead mellowing and improving with age, ensuring they are with you for the long haul.

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